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FreeAXP installation on OsX – VirtualBox – Windows7

This is how I have setup FreeAXP on my MacbookPro

What you need;

– a copy op VirtualBox (google)
– Windows 7 64bit (licensed)
– a copy of FreeAXP (link) + the userguide (link)
– an OpenVMS Hobbyist license subscription (link)
– an OpenVMS image (I used 7.3-2)

1. OSX Yosemite is on my Macbook
2. Install VirtualBox
3. Inslall Windows 7 in a VM

This is how I have setup my network in the VM

In VirtualBox I assigned 4 CPU’s and 4096MB to my VM

Read and follow the instructions in the User manual you have downloaded;


This is a very important step. You need the be sure you are connected by cable/ethernet and your windows install should have nice internet connection!

Write down the ip-adres of your windows installation (ipconfig)

If everything is ok and you have installed the extra NIC you can go ahead and bridge the 2 ethernet connections that show up in Windows – Network

(update 2020-10-12)this part is explained here:
Assigning Avanti its own NIC on a single NIC host system is feasible using a virtual NIC. OpenVPN is one way to create a virtual NIC under Windows. The following steps describe how to create a virtual NIC using OpenVPN 2.1.1:

  1. Download the OpenVPN 2.1.1 installation package for Windows from
  2. Run the installation package, selecting only the “TAP Virtual Ethernet Adapter”.
  3. Refresh the system’s Network Properties. A new network connection with “TAP-Win32 Adapter V9” as the description should now be available. Rename this virtual adapter to “Avanti NIC”.
  4. Go to the virtual “Avanti NIC” properties; choose “Configure”; and on the “Advanced” tab, set “Media Status” to “Always Connected”.
  5. Select both the physical NIC that is connected to the outside world and the virtual “Avanti NIC”, right click, and choose “Bridge connections”.
  6. From a cmd window, run “NET STOP MSIPCAP” followed by “NET START MSIPCAP” to restart the Avanti PCAP driver.
  7. Run the Avanti configuration utility and choose the virtual “Avanti NIC” as the network adapter.

This configuration allows the creation of network connections between the virtual Alpha, the host system, and the external network.

Now you can configure the FreeAXP installation

Be sure the choose the Bridge in your network settings

Don’t forget to save the config file and startup your host.

I assume you know how to setup an OpenVMS node and configure DECnet (if you want) and TCPIP.

In my case my Windows has as ip-adres, router:

I configured my node as, router

The first thing I did after everything was installed is tried to PING W7 from OpenVMS; OK
and PING OpenVMS from W7; OK

Now you can go ahead and install FTP, Telnet and whatever service you would like.

From my MacbookPro I can open Terminal/iTerm – Telnet (or if you prefer SSH) to my newly installed OpenVMS node.

Hope this helps!

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