FreeAXP on Windows10

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It has been a while since I have used FreeAXP. I thought I could freshen up my experiences with this a little so I started from scratch.

  1. First I download the most recent version of FreeAXP.
  2. I installed a Windows10-64 bit machine in VirtualBox
  3. I started the puzzle of the single NIC. As you may have read in previous post I had done this all before a couple of years ago. I ended up with an Avanti network adapter but this time it took a while before I spotted; Download the OpenVPN 2.1.1 installation package for Windows from in the FreeAXP manual. So I got this up and running now and from the >>>show devices I could see I have to network adapters. In my case it didn’t show the Avanti network adapter, it showed; Local Area Connection*6,7 and 8. I decided to first try *7 and *8. So lets see what happens after I boot

Ok, So this isn’t going anywhere. I can’t connect to the VMS-node and I can’t ping from or to the VMS-node. So I googled a little more and came up with information in the VMSSOFTWARE Forum here and a video here
I decided to first download the kit. Installed it and to my surprise I could pick the Avanti network interface in the configuration utility. So lets reboot and see what happens.

Although I used the previously created disk files there seems to be an issue on the TCPIP config so lets run tcpip$config first. Ah, I see, licenses are not loaded. So fix this first.

WOW! That did the trick! So everything I had configured previously was only failing because of a FREEAXP version issue? I can hardly believe it.


  • on my Macbook (10.15.7) I installed VirtualBox 6.1.10 r138449 (Qt5.6.3) (not the latest version at this moment.
  • In VirtualBox I installed Windows 10 (64bit).
  • In VirtualBox I set my network properties to Bridged and Allow ALL
  • In Windows I installed FREEAXP and OpenVPN 2.1.1.
  • In OpenVPN I loaded a client and server config and I ignored the errors.
  • In Windows 10 I created a bridge (see the info in
  • In the Virtual Alpha Configuration Utility I chose the Avanti(Tap-Windows Adapter V9)
  • I booted my Alphaserver 400
  • I configured TCPIP(did that before)

And I am happy. I can ping to and from my node.
My network setup:


I can start a SSH session from my ZOC app on my Macbook 😉